Origin of the surname Rossi


Who were the Rus?         Who were the Varangians?

 Vikings in the East

  Rossi name in Italy - BattleHonors – “The army sent to quell the rising included ‘Dani, Rossi and Gualani’ (Danes, Russians, and (Welsh?).”

 Rus, Ross, Rhos, Rhosi, Ros - Ross Again   Viking Ross   Ibn Fadlan   The History and Origins of the Swedes   Another Arab Description

 The Varangians in Italy - Normans and Byzantines  “The relations with their superiors deteriorated and unhappy with their pay and spoils, the Normans and the Varangians abandoned the Greek army in 1040”.  Note: The Rossi surname seems to have appeared in Italy around 1000 AD or so.