Rick Sr. Health and Longevity Regimen


1. Follow a whole food, plant based diet for overall health and longevity. I recommend a starch plant-based diet so consider following Dr. John McDougall's diet recommendations. Also read The China Study by the Campbells. No more than ten percent protein intake from animal flesh, if you feel you must eat animals.


2. Exercise moderately including resistence training to maintain healthy bone and muscle into your elderly years.


3. Take a low-dose statin to keep a clear cardiovascular system after reviewing the data for the appropriate age. 


4. Take a 300mg NAD+ supplement.  Review website description. 


5. One level teaspoon of organic dried parsley for approximately 550 mg of apigenin.


6. When available take a proven senolytic: Bio-fisetin.




Goals with these protocols: Increase healthspan (NAD+, apigenin), overall health (exercise, and diet), clean the body of malfunctioning cells (senolytic).